Entry #6

I Am Back in The Flesh

2018-01-21 04:47:57 by SnoozlytheI

You look behind you. You can hear crackling from the walls but see no source. You feel a finger touch your face, still seeing no source. I appear. I am a manifestation of your fetishes and will grant you your wish; a mutual torture, a torture of you, the masochist...

I have returned. I was lost for a few months, but I've gathered some new material. Well... kind of. You see, there's a couple of them that are, er, old but unreleased, or just deleted. I did not record any guitar sessions for this album. I did not record any piano sessions for this album yet, however I am confident that the album will do great come the arrival of at least 3 new tracks.
It will release soon. Be sure to not get caught by the Godmachine while you wait...


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